Steely, elegant oral wines, with fresh acidity and round texture. Mainly found in the Cyclades Islands and most commonly used in Santorini blends to round out and soften the structured Assyrtiko grape.

First cultivated on the AOC Island of Santorini. Firm structure, with fresh and crisp acidity and occasionally high levels of alcohol. Distinctive citrus fruit profile and intense minerality. Aged wines reveal a more solid structure and increased complexity.

One of the most ancient Greek varieties, originating from the AOC Island of Santorini. Fresh, elegant, fruity wines with moderate to high alcohol, medium-body and soft acidity. Due to its thin skin it produces a very sweet juice, often used to add suppleness and softness to the more angular Assyrtiko.

Originated in the Nafpaktos region of Western Greece, and is now most commonly found in Macedonia. Intense, complex and idiosyncratic aromatic profile, with ripe peaches and apricots, coupled with hints of fresh green pepper. Moderate acidity, high extract and a full palate. When aged in oak, it shows excellent development and ageing potential.

Found within the AOC region of Mantinia, in the Peloponnese. The grapes have grey coloured skins producing wines with intense flowery characters, with an emphasis on rose petal aromas, citrus and fresh fruit. The palate carries fresh flavours and acidity, with medium to low alcohol levels.

Mainly grown on the island of Lemnos but also in northern Greece, Muscat of Alexandria is a variety with a vigorous growth, susceptible to diseases that requires warm climate. The wines have medium to low acidity levels and explosive aromas of ripe grapes, citrus fruits and flowers. It is part of the PDO Lemnos and PDO Muscat of Lemnos designation.

The Cretan Plyto is remarkable case of a variety which was literally snatched away from the verge of extinction. At present, Plyto yields a small number of white wines. Modern irrigation methods in Irakleion’s contemporary vineyards seem not only to have helped this rare grape variety overcome its aversion to droughts but to have enhanced its lemony character and resplendent freshness as well.

Most notably grown in the mountainous Cephalonia vineyards, producing delicately balanced wines with crisp lemony acidity, minerality and medium body and depth of fruit complexity. Interesting when aged in bottle.

Pink-coloured variety, very popular in Attica and Macedonia, Thessaly and Peloponnese where it is harvested for AOC Patra wines. Produces best results from low-yielding vines on mountainous slopes. The wines contain high levels of fruit -often reminiscent of ripe melon and honey- broad, dense structure on the palate and a refreshing, almost Sauvignon Blanc-like, lemony finish.

Vidiano is a variety mainly found, in small acreage, around the area of Rethymnon in Crete. It is a white grape variety coming from Crete, used to produce white dry whites, sometimes aged in oak.

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